Illumicrate Exclusive: ExtraOrdinary by V.E Schwab and Enid Balam

We are so thrilled to announce, in collaboration with Titan Comics, our Illumicrate Exclusive edition of ExtraOrdinary by VE Schwab (@veschwab) and Enid Balam (@enidbalam)! We are such huge fans of Victoria’s work here at Illumicrate, and so excited to be bringing you our first ever exclusive graphic novel edition!

Our Illumicrate Exclusive edition comes with an exclusive cover by Fabio Mancini (@pm_fabio) designed endpapers, exclusive bonus material and is signed by Victoria Schwab!

**We do have a dual listing for both our Illumicrate Exclusive edition of ExtraOrdinary and Lore Olympus, if you would like to order them together and save on shipping. You will need to place an order for this listing specifically to do that**

ExtraOrdinary Synopsis:

Taking place in the years between Vicious and Vengeful, ExtraOrdinary follows the tale of a teenage girl named Charlotte Tills who following a fatal bus crash, seemingly dies only to wake up to discover she has become an EO ― a person with ExtraOrdinary abilities. In Charlotte's case, it's the ability to see people's deaths, but when she looks into her own future, sees her own murder at the hands of the self-proclaimed hero and notorious EO killer Eli Ever, who is currently in prison for the murder of Victor Vale. Refusing to accept her fate, Charlotte sets off to find-and change-her future-before it comes for her.


Orders placed after 3PM GMT on Saturday 27 November will ship mid-late January.


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