September 2020: Sinister Surroundings

Posted on July 31 2020

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Our September 2020 theme is SINISTER SURROUNDINGS! This box is dedicated to stories with dangerous settings or situations, and crucially, have characters with the nous to get out of them (mostly) unscathed!

Our featured book this month is…look we’re just gonna tell you, okay? It’s A DEADLY EDUCATION by Naomi Novik! We loved the deadly Scholomance, our reluctant protagonist El, and all her classmates so much! We’re thrilled to be bringing you a special edition of what is one of our favourite books of 2020. Our Illumicrate edition will have all exclusive: cover, hidden cover including a quote on the spine, sprayed edges, and a bound author letter with Naomi Novik’s signature (she has an injured hand and cannot hand-sign as a result). Both the full box and book only options will come with yet another incredible pin designed by the one and only Stacey McEvoy-Caunt!

Our featured fandoms for September are Caraval, Uprooted, Red Rising, Kingdom of Souls, and an officially licensed Ninth House item! We’re also excited to announce our next @rosiethorns88 mug is in this box, and it is stunning.