Worlds Collide (March Subscription box) – Single Purchase box

Our March theme is WORLDS COLLIDE! Fasten your seatbelts kids, cause we’re taking a trip out of the human realm and into other dimensions, magical lands and places you never knew existed.

Our featured book this month is all about a meeting place where the human world and other, magic filled worlds come together. But when a dead body is found, the fragile peace begins to fracture. Can she keep all the pieces together long enough to save the day? We. could. not. put. this. one. down (for real, I read it in 2 days), and we know you'll feel the same way! Our edition is an exclusive UK hardback, with exclusive sprayed edges and...wait for it...A RIBBON BOOKMARK! It will also come with a signed bookplate.

Items this month are inspired by City of Brass, Strange the Dreamer, His Dark Materials, Throne of Glass and more! We're also thrilled to announce you'll find our first @rosiethorns88 mug of 2020 in this box!

Note that this is a single purchase box.


Orders will ship in March. We usually start shipping 20-25th each month.



£26.00 excl VAT (where applicable)

Single purchase of the February 2020, ‘Sparks Fly’ box only. Note that this is not a subscription and does not guarantee future boxes.

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