Monstrous (May Subscription box) – Single Purchase box

*whispers* Wait…did you hear that? Is there…something out there?

Our May theme is MONSTROUS. We’re talking true monsters, the ones lurking in the dark and hidden places, humans hiding monstrous tendencies and those who think they’re monsters when really they aren’t.

Our featured book this month is set in an unforgiving ice world, where children are thrown deep into the ice and left to their fate. But there’s monsters in the dark, and there’s humans that can’t be trusted, and there’s secrets to discover. We did not know who we could trust in this twisty read and we are obsessed with the worldbuilding! Our Illumicrate edition has exclusive sprayed edges and is signed by the author!

Our featured fandoms for May are The Witcher, Not Even Bones, Howl’s Moving Castle and more! We are also THRILLED to announce we’ll be working on a series of Harry Potter-inspired book sleeves with @Pauhami, who designed the Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone sleeve from our November 2019 box! You will find the sleeve inspired by The Chamber of Secrets in this box!

Note that this is a single purchase box.


Orders will ship in May. We usually start shipping 20-25th each month.



£26.00 excl VAT (where applicable)

Single purchase of the May 2020, ‘Monstrous’ box only. Note that this is not a subscription and does not guarantee future boxes.

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