Illumicrate Archives: Raybearer

We are so proud to present Illumicrate Archives: Raybearer, created in collaboration with Jordan Ifueko (@jordanifueko) and Hot Key Books! We read and absolutely fell in love with this unique, beautiful world, the amazing story, and brilliant cast of characters that Jordan has crafted. We knew right away it had to be our next Archives!

The box will contain exclusive editions of both Raybearer and Redemptor, with all exclusive:

  • Brand new covers, with 2 colours of foil on each (Gold and silver on Raybearer, silver and blue on Redemptor)
  • Foil embossing on the hardback
  • Ombre sprayed edges

Please note that the image provided is a digital mockup, and final product may vary slightly from the graphic

Update: please note this box will no longer contain signed bookplates.

As well as the books, the box will include three items inspired by the Raybearer duology! We’ve curated some really lovely items in collaboration with Jordan.


Orders placed on/ before 8th October will ship in the second half of October. Orders placed after this point will ship in the first half of November.

£45.00 excl VAT (where applicable)

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