April Illumicrate book pick – single purchase

Our April theme is SQUAD GOALS! Do you ever wonder what you’d be doing during a specific historical time period? If we’d lived during the French Revolution, we like to think we'd be busting people who shouldn’t be in prison out of it, just like the badass crew in our April book!

But with their most recent jailbreak, this crack team definitely get more than they bargained for. Will they all make it out of this job unscathed? This is the author's debut and we are already obsessed! It's a fantastic book filled with revolution, romance and our favourite squad since Six of Crows. It is a May release coming to you early, in hardback, signed by the author, with exclusive sprayed edges and exclusive embossing under the dust jacket! ???? We’ll also be including a bonus art print featuring the characters.


Orders will ship in April. We usually ship 20-25th of the month.

£17.00 excl VAT (where applicable)

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