June 2021: Out of the Woods

Posted on April 29 2021

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Our June theme is OUT OF THE WOODS!

Our book this month is a debut standalone fantasy inspired by Jewish folklore and Hungarian history. The only power-less woman in a pagan village, surrendered as a sacrifice, and the disgraced prince in disguise as a captain of the king’s holy order, must work together first to survive a perilous journey, then to try and prevent the prince’s brother from seizing the throne. If the plot is successful, it will mean a violent reign of cultural and ethnic cleansing. Together they could save a nation, if they don’t betray one another first. We loved this thought-provoking read with its rich fantasy world and perfect example of enemies to lovers romance. If you love Nina and Matthias of Six of Crows, you are going to adore this one!

Our Illumicrate edition features all exclusive: cover, reverse dust jacket art by @warickaart, foil embossing on the hardback, stencilled edges and is signed by the author! This is one of our most stunning books this year and we adore it! Both the full box and book only option will come with a matching pin designed by Stacey McEvoy-Caunt!

We’ve put a very aesthetic, woodsy box together featuring items inspired by Lord of the Rings, We Hunt the Flame, Among the Beasts and Briars, an officially licensed The Darkest Part of the Forest item and more! We’re pleased to announce this box will feature the next of our ‘Piece Your Own Story’ jigsaw puzzles! The latest @rosiethorns88 mug wont be in this box, instead it is in July’s.

The book at a glance

  • Adult fantasy, standalone
  • All exclusive cover, reverse dust jacket art by @warickaart, embossing on the hardback, stencilled edges and signed by the author
  • Jewish main character written by Jewish author, M/F relationship

Content warnings (taken from the author’s GoodReads review):

  • Gore, including graphic descriptions of dismemberment, amputation, mutilation, and immolation
  • Torture, including whipping
  • Self-harm, including self-amputation
  • Animal death (graphic; the animals are not pets)
  • Antisemitism
  • Cultural genocide and ethnic cleansing
  • Physical abuse by parents and parental figures
  • Graphic descriptions of vomiting