January 2020: The Strength Within

Posted on December 5 2019

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January’s theme is THE STRENGTH WITHIN! We’re starting 2020 with a bang and bringing you a TWO BOOK BOX!

Our first book is a February release you’re getting a little early. Sisters with elemental powers who were separated at 13 must reunite and return to a magical land to rediscover their gifts. And unbeknownst to them, they have a huge fight ahead. This is a hardback and our Illumicrate edition will have exclusive sprayed edges and is signed by the author!

Our second book is the first fantasy story from a well-known contemporary author. Two brothers, one who wishes he had powers and one who wishes he didn’t are caught in the middle of a magical war, and must make the difficult choice about whether to get involved in the fighting. This one is a paperback and comes signed as well.

Book only subscribers, this month you will be getting both books!

Items are inspired by The Hunger Games, Daughter of Smoke and Bone, Girls of Paper and Fire, Gideon the Ninth and more! We LOVE the items we’ve picked for you & can’t wait for you to see them!