Introducing: Afterlight by Illumicrate

Posted on June 14 2021

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Introducing Afterlight by Illumicrate, a new quarterly romance subscription box for book lovers! We curated this box to share brilliant, heart-warming, make-you-smile reads to the community. As a team, we have been reading more and more contemporary romances over the last few years, mainly as a soothing balm for some of the heart-wrenching SFF books we know and love. With this box, we hope you find the perfect reason to relax, take a break and enjoy quality time with yourself.

Afterlight will include a newly released paperback romance, 3-4 fandom-neutral, useful items with a ‘take time for yourself’ focus, plus signed bookplates & author letter (where possible). It will be priced at £18 + shipping and VAT (where applicable) and the first box will be shipping in August. Subsequent boxes will ship in November, February and May.

You can join the waitlist for future boxes here