December 2021 – Cursed

Posted on October 26 2021

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Our December theme is: CURSED! That’s right, we’ve kept this theme name simple because what more do you need to know. Each of these fandoms features characters cursed in some way, as does our featured book.

This month’s book is a historical fantasy set in Edwardian England. A civil servant finds himself placed as the new liaison to Britain’s hidden magical society after the sudden disappearance of his predecessor. Bound by a deadly curse, both he and his prickly magical counterpart must solve the mystery that will save his life. We completely fell in love with the world created by this author, and the dynamics between the two main characters makes for one of team Illumicrate’s favourite romantic pairings ever!

Our edition features an exclusive cover with a transparent overlay dust jacket, digitally printed edges and is signed by the author! As usual, our monthly pin inspired by the book has been created by Stacey McEvoy-Caunt

Our featured fandoms are Winternight, Nevermoor, Girl, Serpent Thorn, and an officially licensed Ninth House item! We also have an item featuring multiple fandoms which we’ll be doing a reveal for and this is also a @rosiethorns88 mug month!

The book at a glance:

  • Historical fantasy, first in a series
  • M/M relationship between main characters
  • Exclusive cover with transparent overlay dust jacket, digitally printed edges, signed by the author

Content warnings:

  • Violence/death
  • Sexual content
  • References to past child abuse (physical and emotional)