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September 2019 theme: High Stakes

We’re so excited to announce our September theme is HIGH STAKES! Do you love those books where characters must keep the world from ending, or take part in an impossible quest, or survive a dangerous undercover mission without detection? This is the theme for you!

Our book this month is a gorgeous debut with rich world-building and captivating writing. With local children vanishing, one girl makes the ultimate sacrifice to save them…only to discover things are much worse than she could ever have anticipated. With enemies at every turn, and the fate of the entire kingdom in her hands, we found this book completely impossible to put down! Our Illumicrate edition will feature exclusive SPRAYED STENCILLED EDGES and is signed by the author!

The items will be inspired by Children of Blood and Bone, Carry On, An Ember in the Ashes, Good Omens and more! As ever we’ll be featuring gorgeously designed and useful items including an item we’ve never done before but have wanted to put in a box for AGES! We can’t wait to bring you some reveals!

Boxes are available NOW on subscription and single purchase. Our book only option is also available, and from this month you can start a monthly book only subscription! Subscribers sit back and relax, a September box is reserved for you.

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August 2019 theme: Armed and Dangerous

Our August theme is ARMED AND DANGEROUS! This theme is our homage to the blade-wielders, magic-users, and potion-masters that are all armed and dangerous in their own way.

Our featured book is one of the most unique books we have ever read. This space fantasy story features necromancers and their cavaliers competing in a series of mysterious tests for the ultimate prize. It’s an incredibly imaginative debut with rich world-building and a memorable cast of characters. Our Illumicrate edition has sprayed edges and is signed by the author on an exclusively designed page.

Our items this month are inspired by A Darker Shade of Magic, Red Sister, Scythe, The Dark Artifices and more! We’re also happy to announce that our next @rosiethorns88 mug is in this box!

Boxes are available for subscription and single purchase, and our book only subscription is also available.  Subscribers, sit back and relax, your spot is reserved for you!

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July 2019 Theme: It’s A Kind Of Magic

Our theme for July is IT’S A KIND OF MAGIC! Our featured book this month is a standalone murder mystery from an established British author. When a detective is brought in to take the lead on what seems like a tragic accidental death, her investigation throws up another, more sinister alternative – could the cause of death actually be murder…by magic? In this small town, who is keeping a very big secret? Our Illumicrate edition of this book will be signed by the author and feature exclusive sprayed edges!

This box is perfect for fans of Uprooted, A Discovery of Witches, Wicked Saints, The Witchlands and more! As well as including the second bookend from our set started in June, the items in this box are perfect for fans of all kinds of magic. We’ve worked with some outstanding artists and designed some amazing items including something incredibly unique we have never seen featured in a book box before! The box will also feature an officially licensed piece of Witchlands merchandise.

Subscriptions and single purchase options open on 2nd June. If you’re a subscriber you can sit back and relax, a box is secured for you and your subscription will automatically renew on 1st July. We’re also thrilled to announce that starting in July we will be offering a BOOK ONLY option! You guys have been asking for this for a while and we’re so happy to be able to bring it to you.

For now, our book only subscriptions will be available in limited quantity for 3 and 6 month subscription plans only, to help us plan out our year more effectively. We may eventually make it available for monthly subscriptions and single purchase options as well in the future. The book only subscription will be available from 2 June.


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May 2019 Theme: The Final Frontier

The theme for May is THE FINAL FRONTIER! We’re not even going to be coy about it – the book for the month is AURORA RISING by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff!

Our edition of the book will have a different coloured cover (because we love Charlie Bowater stunning artwork) with matching sprayed edges! It’s absolutely stunning. The books will also be signed by both authors!

Other items in the box are inspired by The Illuminae Files, Red Rising, The Lunar Chronicles & we will also be including some brilliant Aurora Rising merch!

Subscriptions and single purchase options for this box will open on 2 April, 12 noon UK time.

We are so thrilled to bring you an exclusive edition of this brilliant book and we hope you’re just as excited as we are!

Graphic by the ever talented Chatty Nora