2021 Past Items Sale – updated

Posted on March 17 2021

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The date for our past boxes and books sale is Tuesday 23rd March. To help with the level of traffic to our site, we will be doing staggered releases following the schedule listed below, as well as implementing a queue system. More details are below. Orders are scheduled to ship in mid-April

Please be aware of the following:

  • Everything that will be in the sale is on this list. If you don’t see it on the list, it wont be in the sale.
  • We cannot offer combined shipping on any orders, apologies for any inconvenience caused by this.
  • We have very limited quantities of the majority of products, and everything will be limited to one per customer.
  • Adding a product to your basket does NOT reserve it. The product could still sell out whilst you are checking out. We appreciate that this is frustrating, but it is how our site is set up. Please keep this and the limited quantities available in mind before  attempting to order and please do not get annoyed with any of our team if you miss out as a result.
  • Our system does, occasionally, oversell a product if multiple orders go through the system simultaneously when stock is low. There is very little we can do to prevent this when we already have such small quantities of most things, but we will be holding back some of everything to try and prevent us needing to cancel and refund orders. Please be aware that there is a possibility we will need to do this, and in the event that we do we will be cancelling the last orders made.
  • The prices below are without shipping and VAT.
  • As we are selling the last of our stock in most cases, we are unlikely to be able to offer replacements.
  • Where stock is very low, quantities available are given in brackets.

We will be implementing a queue system for our past items sale. We gave people the option to vote between the queue and the lottery, the 2 systems we feel will be the fairest and give us the best chance of the sale running smoothly, and the queue was the winner of the vote.

Please remember that most of our products are *incredibly* limited and very sought after. No matter what system we implement, many of you would miss out. We cannot create more products, so all we can do is ensure our sale runs as smoothly as possible. 

Here is how every staggered drop will work:

  • A waiting room will be set up 5 minutes before each release. The link will be placed in our Linktree each time and will lead directly to the shop section of our site (where the products will be listed), however going to any page on our site from any location will automatically put you in the waiting room or queue if one is in effect.
  • Once you are in the waiting room, you will automatically be moved into the queue once it opens at a random position. If you join the queue at a later time, you will be moved to the back of the queue.
  • Once the items in that drop are sold out *the queue will be removed*. It will then get re-set for each subsequent drop. You will need to enter each separate queue for each separate sale time, if you are looking to purchase items in separate drops. You will not be able to remain in a previous queue. We will be updating both our instagram stories and twitter when items in a drop have sold out and the queue has been removed, so you will need to make sure you are checking one of these.

A few notes:

  • The waiting room and queue do have a limit as to how many people can be in them. If that limit is reached, you will get a message that it is currently full. If you remain on the page you will be placed in the waiting room/queue once space opens up. 
  • You can purchase items in the same drop at the same time. You are limited to one of each type of item, but not limited on how many can be on one order. Please do remember there will be multiple people trying to order at once, and it may be better for you to prioritise what you want most to give you the best chance of getting that item.
  • Once you are through to the site, you will be able to remain on the site until the next waiting room starts. At that point, any refreshes, moves to other pages etc will put you in that waiting room. 
  • You are able to refresh the queue without losing your position if you are having an issue with the queue not updating. If you close the browser window you will lose your place in the queue.

2.30PM GMT sale:

  • Illumicrate Archives: The Poppy War (full boxes, £70) (60 available)
  • Illumicrate Collections: Daughter of Smoke and Bone (full boxes, £49) (25 available)

3.00PM GMT sale:

  • Illumicrate Archives: The Poppy War (books only, £65) (55 available)
  • Illumicrate Collections: Daughter of Smoke and Bone (individual book only, £25)

3.30PM GMT sale:

  • Glamour and Gold: The Shadowhunters Edition (full box without tea for one set, £47) (12 available)
  • Illumicrate Collections: A Darker Shade of Magic (full box without microfibre cloth, £48)(45 available)

4.00PM GMT sale:

  • The Wicked King & The Queen of Nothing (books only, £39)
  • Harrow the Ninth (book only, £24)
  • Aurora Burning (book only, £25) (10 available)
  • The Lives of Saints (book only, £18) (12 available)
  • The Red Scrolls of Magic (book only, £20)
  • The Starless Sea (book only, £17) (11 available)
  • Cemetery Boys debut box (full box, £18) (32 available)
  • The Bone Shard Daughter debut box (full box, £18) (7 available)
  • Green July 2019 ceramic book pot + blue November 2019 ceramic book pot (£16)
  • Green July 2019 ceramic book pot (£8)
  • City of Brass ‘What is Lost’ Rosiethorns88 mug (£15)

4.30PM GMT sale:

  • June ‘In the Shadows’ full boxes (£27) and book & pin (£17)
  • July ‘We Are the Resistance’ full boxes (£27) and book & pin (£17)
  • August ‘Identity Crisis’ full boxes (£27)
  • September ‘Sinister Surroundings’ full boxes (£27) and book & pin (£17)
  • October ‘Life and Death’ full boxes (£27) and book & pin (£17)
  • November ‘Spellbinding Stories’ full boxes (£27) and book & pin (£17)
  • December ‘A Legacy to Protect’ full boxes (without the print album, £24) and book & pin (£17)
  • January ‘Rebellious Royals’ full boxes (£27) and book & pin (£17)